Loyalty Points Program



The more you shop,

The more you earn!



Earn 100 Points for every dollar you spend. Earn 50,000 points (spend $500) and receive $25 off your next purchase!




 Rules & Restrictions

 On A Whim’s Loyalty Points Program is a great way to reward our customers for continuing to shop with us. Your Loyalty Points may be redeemed on your next purchase, following the accumulation of 50,000 points. Loyalty points must be used for inventory purchases and may not be redeemed for non-inventory expenses, such as shipping or taxes. In addition, Loyalty Points may not be combined with any other giftcard or coupon payment. We are happy to redeem sufficient loyalty points on store purchases (including marked down items) and stocked special orders (including Jon Hart and monogrammed items), but cannot grant or apply Loyalty Points for online sales. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask an associate.